Duophase Makeup Remover from Ziaja Review

Duophase makeup remover is another product from Ziaja that I recently purchased.

When it comes to makeup removing products I prefer duophase ones, rather then makeup remover milk or micellar water. Makeup remover milk has always caused irritations on my skin. While micellar water has never worked well enough for me.

This remover is a mix of clear and blue liquids in a plastic bottle. It has no specific smell.

Before using you have to shake the product really well (more than usually with similar makeup removers). Otherwise instead of soaking into the cotton pad it starts moving on top of it like quicksilver.   

I feel this remover to be less oily than the rest of the duophase removers that I tried so far. That is really nice hence I’m wearing contacts.

It removes any type of makeup easily. Just bear in mind it can smudge pigmented products all over.

General impressions: I was really impressed with price-quality ratio of this product. Can’t complain on anything here and will definitely buy this remover once again.


KEY INGREDIENT: Provitamin B5 (d-panthenol)


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