SOFT BODY Body Scrub and Lip Balm

Several months ago I got a body scrub and a lip balm as a present from Ukrainian brand SOFT BODY. I had enough time to properly test both products and now I’m ready to share my thoughts on them.
Firm packet with the scrub has a very minimalistic and very sleek design. All the necessary infromation is indicated on the packet. List of ingredients is one of my favorite things about this product: two types of coffee, honey, three types of salt, cinnamon, three types of oils – pure coctail of all the good stuff for your skin (you can find full list of ingredients below the post). I got a banana scrub and I can tell you I love the smell – very sweet smell of ripe banana. It really reminds me of a bubble gum with banana flavor.
By the way, I started feeling this smell even before I opened the package and this is because somehow a little bit of oil leaked through the package.
This scrub is riсh with oils and has a thick texture. I prefer using it together with my regular shower gel, because this way I don’t have it all over my bathroom plus I can clean my skin and at the same time take care of it. After using this scrub my skin becomes really soft, nourished and smells amazingly.
INGREDIENTS (SCRUB): ground coffee of Arabica and Robusta, honey, sea salt, Himalayan salt, pink salt, cinnamon, vitamin E, olive oil, argan oil, grape seed oil, fragrance composition.
The lip balm is placed into minimalistic plastic jar with a brand logo. I would also prefer having a sticker with some additional information on the jar (weight, expiry date, list of ingridients etc.).
The product smells of ripe berries and has a very thick, sturdy consistency. Though it takes some effort to get it from the jar, the balm melts on the lips leaving them soft and hydrated. If it remains just as thick in high temperatures I would love using it in summer, when regular lipbalms get messy.
General impressions: 
I love the way both products look, smell and work for skin, but I feel that the packaging needs some improvements.
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