Beauty UK Lips Matter Review

I got this lip cream a while ago from my friend Sasha who was decluttering her makeup bag and I was surprised as to why she refused it, so I thought I have to try it myself. And here’s what I think of it.

The packaging of the lip cream is really nice and sleek, just like in many other products from Beauty UK. The cream is in a transparent plastic tube, so you can clearly see the color of the product. When you open the tube, the scent of the cream comes first. I am not very sensitive to smells, but even for me this one is a little bit too strong and very artificial.

During the application the product really feels creamy and not sticky at all. As to the smell, you can still feel it on your lips – generally I can bear it, but I’m not sure I would like to smell it on a daily basis.

I really liked the color of this lip cream (I got my lip cream in “that’ll peach you” no.8). It is a mixture of a peach color with some rosiness to it. Though I don’t feel it is the best match for my skin tone, guess it should work great for spring type girls.

Can’t tell you how it wears throughout the day because having it on my lips for 5 minutes just staying at home proved that there’s no way I can make it work.

Though it dries matte, looks completely matte on the lips and is nice to the touch (when touching lips with fingers) it feels sticky when you press your lips. The more you press, the more sticky the feel is. That causes the product on your upper lip stick to the product on the lower lip and vice versa and finally leads to patchiness which looks like a complete disaster. Once you’ve got that patchiness, you cannot cover it with another layer of cream – empty spaces will still look through. Water and all sorts of liquids make just about the same thing to the cream and it cannot survive even a coffee break.

I had hard rimes removing the cream with a micellar water, though regular duo-phase makeup remover did its job well.

General impressions: I liked the tube for its simplicity and the color (guess some girls could wear it nicely). The scent is not the best one for me and I am super dissatisfied with the formula and the way the cream wears and looks on the lips.

Will I buy it again? No.

P.S. I don’t like to simply get rid of new products which I am not happy with, so I found two ways of putting this cream to good use.

First, I apply it to the apples of my cheeks with fingertips and it works great as a blush.

Secondly, the cream works great as a lip tint when applied in thin layer with fingertips. Altogether, this works great in creating nude makeup looks.

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