How to Do Makeup for Oily Skin

In the previous post I was sharing my experience on how to make makeup comfortable in wear using the example of dry skin. Follow the link of you have dry skin and haven’t read it yet:

Now it is time to talk more about oily skin.
Well, the biggest problem with oily skin is excessive production of sebum. This influences the longevity of makeup and often leads to makeup either starting running, becoming cakey, or simply disappearing from your skin, which can easily spoil both your look and your mood. Therefore, the biggest deal with oily skin is keeping it matte.

1) Hydration

With oily skin, things are a little bit different at this stage. It is still important to hydrate it, just like normal or dry skin, but since this type of skin produces sebum in excess, try to stick to both moisturizing and mattifying creams. They will not only keep your face fresh, but will let your makeup last longer.
If you apply your makeup right after your skincare routine, then no additional products needed. However, if your skin was hydrated let us say in the morning, and makeup is being applied in the midday, it is quite possible that by that time the skin has already become oily. If that is a usual thing with you, try using blotting paper prior to makeup application.

2) Textures

While for dry skin cream textures are more preferable, those of us having oily skin can easily go with dry and powdery textures. They will keep your skin matte and let your makeup last longer.
Moreover, thick and creamy textures on oily skin may lead to even greater secretion of sebum. If you use cream products (foundation, concealers) choose the ones having no oil in their formula. When it comes to cream blushes or highlighters, stick to those with drier textures and matte finish, rather than creamy and buttery ones. Loose and pressed powders are must-haves for girls with oily skin. Use them after makeup application to set products in place and throughout the day to fix any issues. Make sure to choose mattifying powders.

3) Primers

Mattifying primers are the best fit for oily skin. They will let your makeup stay fresh and last longer.
In addition, there is another type of primer that will work great for oily-skinned people, which is a pore minimizing primer, as it can reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines or little scars for a silky smooth complexion. Besides, any other products that you apply on top of such primer (foundation, concealers) apply more even and look more natural. Just bare in mind that such primers may contain silicon, that can clog pores and/or make skin even oilier, so be careful with them.

Also, be careful with luminizing primers, especially those containing shiny particles. The reason is that oily skin produces a lot of oil, which makes skin shiny. And the more oil is produced, the shinier your skin will be. Imagine applying luminazing primer in that situation? It will make skin look even shinier which can turn makeup into a whole mess. Hot summer days can make the situation even worse making you look like a disco ball.

4) Managing oily skin

While with dry skin hydration is a top priority, oily skin makes you care of mattifying more. For that you just need two simple things in your makeup bag: blotting paper and compact powder. Whenever you feel that skin is becoming tacky take a blotting paper and press it gently over oily areas to reduce shine. Do not attempt to rub your face with paper, because this way you will only spoil your makeup. After that take your powder and use it on the areas that tend to get shiny. When choosing the color of powder either go for a translucent powder and for the one that matches your skin in color. Please never use for mattifying purposes only powder, omitting blotting paper, because this way you do not remove oil from the skin, but simply mix it with powder, which may clog pores in the long run.

That is basically it! I hope that you will find my tips helpful.

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