How to Do Makeup for Dry Skin

Each girl wants her skin to be fresh and dewy without any spots or blemishes. However, sometimes our sebaceous glands may become either underactive or overactive, which leads to dry and oily skin, respectively. Both conditions may cause many problems, especially when you’re used to applying makeup on a daily basis. Though, it’s pretty easy to avoid them by following several simple rules:

1) Hydration

No matter if your skin is dry or oily, it needs to be hydrated. However, when your skin is dry hydration is a must, so prior to applying makeup make sure to apply some face cream as well. This way your skin will look smoother, makeup products will not emphasize possible peeling or wrinkles and you will avoid the feeling of tightness throughout the day.

2) Textures

Texture is one more thing that can affect makeup longevity and the way it is going to look in the end. Basic rule here is the following: if your skin is dry – stick to creamy textures, whether it be foundations, eyeshadows, blushes or highlighters. Besides, with dry skin it is important to use products containing hydrating ingredients and stay away from those creating matte finish. This way you will wear your makeup comfortably and it will not cause appearance of any signs of aging. Depending on how dry your skin is, either do not use powders at all to set your makeup or use them sparingly.

3) Priming

If your skin is super dry and you feel like you don’t get enough hydration from your daily moisturizer try using primers. The best option for you will be a hydrating primer, but as soon as dry skin at times tends to not only get dry, but become dull as well, you will also benefit from using illuminating primers. They can make your skin look fresh, healthy and glowy. However, for this purpose you can use highlighters as well. Again, better stick to those having creamy formula.

4) Maintaining the level of hydration

When your skin is dry, it is important to not only apply makeup in a proper way, but also not let your skin become dry throughout the day because of makeup products.

Dry skin is usually in need of hydration. Situation gets worse when skin is exposed to dry air, like in air-conditioned or overly heated rooms. Certainly, you need to drink a lot of water to minimize the influence of those factors. Still, sometimes you need some kind of a first aid beauty product to add moisture back into your skin. That’s where spray moisturizers come in handy – you can use them both right after makeup application or throughout the day out of necessity.

These are just a few beauty tips, which can be real lifesavers for those of you suffering from loss of hydration. Hope you’ll find them helpful.

Next time I will share my tips for those, having oily skin.

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