E.L.F. Daily Brush Cleaner Review

Product description: 

– Quick cleaning in-between makeup applications

– Disinfects brushes to provide a fresh and clean application every time

– Helps to keep your brushes last longer for extended use


Distributing company: USA

Country of origin: China

Size: 2.02 fl.oz

Price: $3


e.l.f. is one of my most favorite affordable makeup brand and I have tried quite a lot of their products. Many of them are my favorites, though, unfortunatel, Daily Brush Cleaner isn’t one of them.

Packaging. Black bottle with a pump made of inexpensive plastic. The pump works well enough and the cap snaps securely.

The surface of the bottle is wiped over time, but the inscriptions remain clear. I bought a spray a few years ago and now packaging of the product looks a little bit different.

Check the image below.

Image source: e.l.f. website


Sure, e.l.f. is an affordable brand, still, from my persopective, the bottle could be more sleek.

Simple design is something I can get over. But the one thing I really don’t like is that Daily Brush Cleaner bottle looks exactly the same as the makeup Mist and Set bottle.


Image source: e.l.f. website


The color, the size, the pump, the cap – everything is the same. Only inscriptions differ.

The problem is that if you own both products and store them in the same place, they can be mixed up pretty easily. There’s no big deal if you apply makeup mist & set on your brushes by mistake, but can you imagine spraying brush cleaner on your face? I did that once. That happened when I wanted to apply my eyeshadow wet and nedeed to moisten the brush with the makeup mist, but got my hands on the cleanser instead. I understood that something wrong has happened only when I applied eyeshadow onto my lid and starting feeling my eyelid burning.

Scent. Fresh scent of spring flowers. Overall I like the smell, but when I use the spray a lot to clean couple of brushes I feel that the scent is a little bit too strong for me, because I can smell lilies or something like that, which I hate.

Consistency. Transparent liquid.

Use. To clean the brushes you will need a brush cleaner itself, clean towel or cotton pads and, of course, brushes.

There are two ways of using the cleaner:

– spray on a brush and wipe the brush against a clean cloth or on a cotton pad

– sprinkle the cloth or a cotton pad with a spray and use them to clean the brushes

First method will work better if your brushes are quite dirty and you want to clean them thorougly and you don’t mind them to stay wet for quite a while.

Second method works better for relatively clean brushes or in cases when you are applying makeup and need to use the same brush but with a different product or color, because this way you can clean them really quick and they will dry fast.

On a daily basis I like using cotton pads for brush cleaning – for me they work better if I need to cleanjust a brush or two. Besides, after use I just throw them away, unlike towel, which has to be machine washed afterwards.

Bu when I need to clean a lot of brushes at once, I prefer using towel. That’s what I’m going to do this time.


I will add tons of pictures below to show you exactly how the cleaner works.

Bear in mind that I washed my brushes with soap couple days before I made these pictures and I used brushes afterwards only once, so they are not extremely dirty.

I used five brushes for the test (left to right): small flat eyeshadow brush, big flat eyeshadow brush, contour brush (which I use for blush) and two buffing brushes (the one to the left is moderately dense, the other one is supre dense).

First, let’s clean brushes that were used for eyeshadow and blush application.

I sprinkled the cloth with the spray and used it to clean the brushes.

Let’s check the brushes after cleaning.

Cleaner did the job quite good, but still the brushes are not perfectly clean.

Now let’s move on to the foundation brushes.

They were cleaned just the same way. Check the picture below for the results.

There’s quite a lot of pigment on the cloth left and overall brushes look much cleaner.

But if you move the bristles a little bit with fingers, you’ll see that there’s still some product inside the brush left. I can clearly see lumps on the bristles on the first brush, while the second while still remains a little bit white on the inside and the bristles are kind of stuck together.

Let me remind you that for the purpose of this test I took the brushes that were used for makeup application only once.

I also tried the cleaner to clean brushes that were quite dirty after several uses and wasn’t really happy about the results. The cleaner worked great for cleaning the brushes that were used with dry products. It wasn’t working well for foundation and concealer brushes and it totally didn’t work for my lipstick brushes.

Did it do what it said it would? In general the cleaner works well for daily brush cleaning.

Alcohol is listed among the ingredients, so, I think, it must desinfect brushes. Though, as you can see, it doesn’t clean completely even fresh “dirt”, so there must be some bacteria left inside the brush.


General impressions. I am not the biggest fan of the bottle. As I said already it’s design isn’t th best in the world and plastic quality is not super good. Besides, cleaner can easily be confused with another product from the e.l.f. line, having a completely different purpose.

Spray works great for eyshadow, blush, higlighter and powder brushes and is not so good for foundation, concealer or lipstick brushes.

I’m not using this cleaner very often, because it doesn’t clean brushes so well and I prefer washing them to make instead. I have it for around two years now and I am not even half way through.

Will I buy it again? Very unlikely.


Pros: ease of use, works well with dry textures, small bottle is great for traveling

Cons: bottle quality and design, smell, is not so good for liquids/oily products, can be confused with e.l.f. Makeup Mist & Set


Overall rating: 3/5

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