Real Techniques Enhanced Eye Set Review

Product description: “Our enhanced eye set has every brush you need to create any eye look…”

Price: $19.99

I believe that great makeup is impossible without great tools. However, when we say great we do not always mean high end. Sometimes budget products can also deliver great quality and allow for flawless makeup application. Real Techniques brushes by Sam & Nic Chapman from Enhanced Eye Set are one of those.

Brushes come in a firm plastic packaging that is strong enough to survive even while traveling overseas. On the back of the box, there’s a picture of Chapman sisters with short bio and pictures of brushes together with info in seven languages on types of makeup brushes and their uses.

Inside you have a plastic brush holder with five brushes and a bonus brush cup.

This set is from Original Collection, where all the brushes are the same in terms of design. The handle is made from aluminum (or duralumin) alloy (as far as I’m concerned), which makes even the largest RT brushes very lightweight and comfy for traveling. The bottom part of the handle is from rubber, thus the brush is easy to hold.

These brushes are purple, just like all the other eye brushes in Original Collection and each brush has an inscription on it, stating its type. However, color coat and inscriptions are easy to scratch, so make sure to store them carefully both in you brush holders at home and in cases while traveling. The bristles are made from Taklon – a state of the art synthetic material, which is widely used for cruelty-free brushes production. All the brushes are nicely packed, dense enough and do not shed.

Brushes by type from left to right: Medium shadow brush, Essential crease brush, Shading brush, Fine liner brush, Lash separator

Medium shadow brush is a large flat tapered brush that works great for applying base color on the lid. Its size allows apply color to the whole lid in just couple of moves.

Essential crease brush is a drop-shaped flat top brush intended for applying and blending transition shades and deep shades in the crease area. This brush blends the colors seamlessly, preventing them from looking patchy or uneven.

Shading brush is a medium-sized tapered brush, which works great for applying main color to the lid or making bright accents.

Fine liner brush is super dense and thick at the base, but a little softer and pointy at the end. Provides great control for eyeliner application and depending on the level of pressure can create both thin and thick lines.

The last one from the set is a Lash separator. It is made of metal “needles”, slightly sharp at the end, inserted into the plastic base. Each needle is about half millimeter thick and this tool can handle mascara clumps perfectly.

General impressions. I really love Real Techniques brushed. At an affordable price you get high quality brushes, which are densely packed, do not shed and apply all the products beautifully. This set is a real multitasker – using only these four brushes you can create any eye look that you want and mascara clumps can never spoil it, because now there’s a great lash separator. Another great thing is that unlike natural fur taklon, which was used for these brushes, can work with both dry and cream products, so there’s even less limits for makeup application.

Though I am not really happy with handles quality, it doesn’t affect the way brushes work in any way.

Will I buy it again? Yes, in case I need to replace this set with a new one any day I the future.

Did it do what it said it would? These set definitely has all the brushes needed for creating various make up looks.

Pros: brushes are densely packed and do not shed, have soft bristles and apply shadows effortlessly and flawlessly, are easy to wash and dry fast

Cons: scratches appear pretty fast on handles and inscriptions disappear in some places

Overall rating: 5/5

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