Beauty UK Glacier Gloss in Plum and Have a Go Review

Glacier Gloss in Plum & Have a Go was another product from Beauty UK that I have tried. When looking at it in the store I was infatuated by its true perfect plum color and went completely light on its texture and color pay off. But first things first.

The gloss is packaged in a transparent firm plastic tube with black glossy cap. The plastic is solid; inscriptions do not get dim with time.

It has a pronounced vanilla scent to it, which appeals to my tastings, but for someone it may be seekly sweet.

Color is the primary virtue of this gloss. A true plum color, which looks so good on girls with fair skin like mine. If you are as much into all kinds of berry colors as I am, you will definitely like this one as well. It has cool undertone to it, but does not look neither deathful, nor crazy bright on the lips, as some colors of the kind may look.

But the texture… Oh, I will be honest. It is not good at all. I should have noticed it before buying the lip gloss. It is kind of gluish and sticky, seems like if you would add pigment to honey and then try to apply it onto your lips. You will spend good few minutes trying to apply the gloss evenly and still it will look somewhat patchy. Except for that the finish is quite nice – glossy, almost lacquer. However, unfortunately, it does not last long. It will definitely not survive through your lunch or even coffee break. What’s more, it starts “running” being just on your lips when you don’t even touch it. So make sure to use contour pencil with this gloss. Otherwise, when applied on bare skin, it will bring out even the smallest fine lines on your lip line, which you did not even know ever existed. What’s more, don’t ever think of using this gloss when its windy – due to the abovementioned sticky formula you will find all your hair or even some dust from outside stuck to your lips.

In general, the product proved to be very controversial. I definitely like the smell and the color, but because of its impracticality both in application and wear I’m rarely using this gloss.

Pros: color, smell

Cons: texture, longevity,

Size: 6 ml

Price: $4.66

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