Ziaja Cocoa Butter Cream and Body Balm

I started using Ziaja products around two years ago and still investigate their skincare lines. Two products out there caught my eye a couple months ago when on the packaging I saw an inscription saying “cocoa butter”. I took a smell of them and that was literally enough!

They both smell of chocolate and vanilla, still there’s some difference between the two: cream has more of a sweet scent to it, while the balm smells a little bit more soft and tender.

I liked the bottle with the balm – pretty sleek, stylish and comfy in use. It has a regular flip top cap on it, which prevents the balm from leakage, still it is quite tough and is not so easy to open.

The texture of the balm is quite runny, which is good, because you can be sure that once the product has almost gone to an end, you will still be able to get it from the bottle.

What I didn’t really like is the way the balm works on the body – it is pretty hard to spread it all over the skin evenly, because it is kind of oily and waxy. The feel of the product on the skin also wasn’t the best. I like it when a lotion or a cream soaks well and leaves skin hydrated, but not oily or sticky. With this one I couldn’t get rid of stickiness and it didn’t feel like my skin is hydrated, but more like the lotion has just created a film on the skin.

As to the cream I liked it far more.
The jar is pretty nice with a twist top on it. I’m pretty okay with this one, but I know some of you may shake head at it, because it may seem to be not the most hygienic way for cream application. It makes good sense, so I would suggest using a spatula.

The cream itself has a light formula and is intended for normal to dry skin.
As for my skin, it changes a lot throughout the year. In summer it can be either combo or oily (it really depends on how hot the weather is), in the midseason it is mostly normal, while in winter it can be normal or become dry. I’ve used this cream in different weather conditions and can say that it works really well for normal or slightly dry skin. It may not be nourishing enough for super dry skin and I will definitely not recommend it for using with combo or, what’s more, oily skin.

One other thing that I’ve noticed is that cream can’t do anything special for you skin. I mean don’t expect it to help you in getting rid of wrinkles, irritation or combating skin laxity. Well, if you need a basic solution which works great with skin having no specific problems, look no further. But if you are in need of something to deal with special skin conditions, most likely this one will not meet your expectations.

The surprising thing about this face cream is its amount in the jar – 3.5 fl.oz which equals to 100 ml. That’s two times more, than you can usually get buying a face cream. Hence this one is also on a budget side, I use it as a body cream as well. For me that’s a great thing to put into my travel bag, because I am not the biggest fan of taking a whole bunch of bottles and jars when going somewhere, so a multipurpose product can be a real lifesaver.

General impressions of both products: can not recommend body balm because of its texture and lack of hydrating properties, though I will most likely buy face cream again because of its versatility in use and amazing smell

Body balm
Pros: smell, bottle
Cons: texture, cap, hydrating properties

Skin type: all skin types
Product size: 3.5 fl. oz (200 ml)
Price: USD 2.7

Pros: smell, jar, hydrating properties, versatility
Cons: no real downsides

Skin type: dry to normal
Product size: 3.5 fl. oz (100 ml)
Price: USD 2.8

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